Stag party tips

Stag party, also known as bachelor’s party is a party done for a groom who is yet to get married ( The party is attended by the groom’s friends, and it can be done within or abroad dep on the group’s decision and budget.

It is a party where several things take place, people having fun drinking, playing some games, watching films and many other things. Everyone invited at this party should participate in making it lively; people share experiences and advice with each other. However, when planning this party, there are some of the tips you should know, and this is.

Activities that will take place

This is a very important thing that you should always consider when planning such a party ( This requires all the invited friends to discuss and give out-there ideas, don’t do it yourself because you do not know what the likes and dislikes of your friends are. Everyone in the group should participate during the event that is why all of you should come up with the ideas.

friendship, food and leisure concept – smiling male friends with beer and pizza hanging out at home


Before you choose a place where the event will take place, you need to know whether your friends will afford ( If there is one of them, who can not afford it is good if you chose a location that everyone will afford. Some of your friends are busy with their jobs, and doing the party abroad can inconvenience them; that is why you should consider asking them how they feel about the location.


This is the hardest part of it because you don’t know when one is free, what you do in this case is talk to every one of your invited friends in order to know when they are free, this helps you find a date that is flexible for each and every one of them. You can not fix a date for the stag party before consulting them because you might end up with only one or two people at the end.